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Caltech Scholarships

Caltech Scholarships are gifts awarded from institutional or endowed funds to help cover the cost of attending Caltech.  Unlike loan and Work-Study funds, there is no standard amount of scholarships you should expect in your package.  The award amount depends entirely on your demonstrated financial need.  Scholarships can be renewed each year, though the exact amount may change according to your level of need in future years.  

Named Scholarships

Some of Caltech's financial aid funds come from gifts that Caltech has received.  These funds are awarded as scholarships that are named for their donor.   Named scholarships are also need-based, but some have a merit component.  If you have sufficient need and meet the specifications for one or more named scholarships, you will be automatically considered for those scholarships. 

Any named scholarships you receive will be used to replace a portion of your Caltech Scholarships.  If you receive a named scholarship, you may be asked to write a thank-you letter to one or more donors. Many donors are lifelong friends of the Institute, and they appreciate hearing about student life at Caltech today.