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Scholarship Data Form

Access this form

1) Log in to access.caltech (link above).
2) Click the "My Financial Aid" link on access.caltech.
3) The Scholarship Data Form is available through the "Scholarship Data Form" page in the My Financial Aid menu.
4) The Addendum is available through the "Forms" page in the My Financial Aid menu.


In order to be considered for named scholarships, you will need to tell Caltech about your interests, activities, accomplishments, future plans, etc. by filling out the 2018-19 Scholarship Data Form.  There are two portions of the Scholarship Data Form: the main form and the Addendum.

You can access both portions of the Scholarship Data Form by logging on to the My Financial Aid module through  Click on "Scholarship Data Form" tab to begin the application.  The Scholarship Data Form Addendum can be found under the "Forms" tab.

Notice: Please use either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer to access the Scholarship Data Form.  These are the only two browsers fully supported by My Financial Aid.  Chrome, Safari and other browsers have been known to encounter several technical errors.

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