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Release of Financial Aid Decisions for Prospective Students

Our first distribution of financial aid offers/decisions was released via the online Admissions portal the afternoon of April 4, 2014. Recipients should receive two email communications, one from the online portal and another from the Financial Aid Office alerting them to the availability of their financial aid decision. The Financial Aid Office communication has a link to the 2014-15 Financial Aid Offer Guide. We’ll continue to process applications as they become complete and will be releasing new offers/decisions each week through May 1, 2014.

Summer Work-Study
The application for 2014 Summer Work-Study is now available under access.caltech>My Financial Aid link>forms tab. If you are interested in Summer Work-Study, please (1) complete and sign the Summer Work-Study application and (2) submit your complete 2014-2015 financial aid application (with all supporting documents) to IDOC by May 9, 2014. The Summer Work-Study employment period is from July 1 through September 21, 2014.  Eligibility for Summer Work-Study is contingent upon the availability of funds and your demonstrated financial need. The Summer Work-Study award is designed to allow you to earn your upcoming summer earnings expectation. You are expected to save a minimum of $1,500 from the $6,000 award.

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Financial Aid Processing for New Students: Caltech requests financial aid application documents from admitted students only. You will be contacted by the College Board’s Institutional Documentation Service [IDOC] after you have been admitted to Caltech. If you are applying to another school that participates in IDOC, submit your packet by the earliest deadline. Please include the forms specific to Caltech with your IDOC packet to avoid delaying the processing of your financial aid application once you are admitted. Students only need to submit one IDOC packet for all the schools they are applying to that participate in IDOC. Please see our Applying for Financial Aid page for detailed instructions on how to complete your aid application.

Attention New/Returning Students: To apply for a loan for 2013-2014 please click here.

Financial Aid Recipients and Health Insurance: Students are not required to purchase the Institute's health insurance provided they have coverage through a comparable plan. However, once you enroll in the Caltech Student Health Insurance Plan, you are eligible to have that additional cost added to your Student Expense Budget, if you are currently receiving need-based financial aid. To be considered for additional loan and/or scholarship assistance to cover the cost, you must submit a written request for review using this form. Please do not hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office if you (or your parents) should have any questions about this process.

Revised Undergraduate Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Eligibility:  Effective fall 2011, the Institute was required to modify its Satisfactory Academic Progress policy in accordance with new federal regulations to ensure that each student who is receiving financial aid maintains satisfactory academic progress toward his or her degree.  Please review the revised policy on the Satisfactory Academic Progress page of this website.

Net Price Calculator: Prospective applicants and/or their parents are invited to utilize this tool to estimate their financial aid eligibility and their out-of-pocket cost to complete an undergraduate degree program at Caltech.  Our net price calculator will show many of you that a Caltech education may be more affordable than you might have previously thought.

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Attention Graduate Students: The Financial Aid Office awards Federal and Institute student loans to eligible domestic graduate students. International graduate students who have completed their first year of study at Caltech may also be eligible to receive Institute-sponsored loans. More information is available here.

Summer Research

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