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New International Applicants - Freshmen

The table below shows the name and deadline of every form that you need to apply for financial aid.  Use this table if you are applying to Caltech for admission as a freshman for entry in fall 2021, and are not a United States Citizen or permanent resident.  Click on each form's name for more specific instructions. 

Notice: International applicants who do not apply for financial aid by published deadlines, or who are denied aid for their first year at Caltech, are not eligible for need-based financial aid for any other academic period while they are undergraduates at the Institute (with the exception of citizens and permanent residents of Canada and Mexico).  Those with financial aid offers will be eligible to apply for assistance in subsequent years.  All eligible students must reapply for aid each year.

Priority Deadline: March 16, 2021
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Deadline Forms (click for directions)
Mar. 16, 2021 CSS Profile
Jul. 15, 2021
Complete after matriculation
Parents' Tax Return
Caltech Scholarship Data Form